10 Ways To Keep Your Diet Gmo-free

A number of countries have questioned the potential benefits of GM crops. Here, GM wheat fields grow in Saskatchewan, Canada.

This network of local activists is working to educate communities on the dangers of GMOs. “The concept is that by consumers avoiding GMOs, these ingredients will become a marketing liability, and companies will remove them,” says Smith, whose organization launched the grass-roots movement . “If being non-GMO increases market share, workouts this could cause a tipping point for food companies.” He says we’re at a critical, unprecedented moment to drive GMOs out of our food supply, so check out the program to educate yourself and get involved. 5. Beware of additives. great site The five most common GMOs — corn, canola, soy, cotton and sugar beets — often end up as additives (in the form of corn syrup, oil, sugar, flavoring agents or thickeners) in packaged foods, says Gruver, so check ingredient labels carefully. upwave: Avoid fake health foods 6. Choose wild-caught seafood. Some farm-raised fish eat GMO feed, click here says Smith.
Read more: http://www.cnn.com/2014/03/25/health/upwave-gmo-free-diet/index.html


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