In Which Britney Spears’ Team Tries To Prove That Her Abs Aren’t Painted On

<img src='×104.gif&#039; width='200px' alt='A Golden Globes Drinking Game For People Who Want To Be As Fun workouts As Tina & Amy’ style=’float:left;padding:5px’ />

This according to her team, whos like NO NO NO, SHUT UP, SHE TOTALLY WORKS OUT, WE CAN PROVE IT. But I dont know if you can, guys. You can write out her workout routine as many times as you want, and teach her to nod obediently see page when asked about it, but thats not really proof, right? I mean shes already presumably lip-syncing and half-heartedly marking through the choreography, so where would those taut, glistening abs be coming from? Certainly not from being carried around a stage while her music plays in the background and she gets helped back into her sequined bustier that she didnt even realized shed burst(ied) out of . But her team is pushing back hard against the logic of those statements and the eyewitness accounts of people at her shows, by releasing copious details of her workouts , as proof that her physique site web isnt enhanced by any manual Photoshopping or Picassoing, as it should be called in this case, since were painting body parts in places where they dont belong.Theyre claiming that she does three hour-long cardio workouts a week, with two ninety minute yoga intensives as well.


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