Train Like Mr. Olympia: Phil Heath’s Hamstring And Calf Workout

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Here’s a 260 lb. Mr Olympia full of nothing but muscle only using 90 lbs.on his stiff legged deadlift, which is more proof that it’s not how much weight you use, but rather the perfect form and isolation you get without compensating with other muscle groups, especially the lower back in this case. This also allows for the workout “glute tie in” to it where the mind can connect with the twitter muscle for optimum contracting. From there, he moves onto calves , first with the seated calf raise, working on the outside of the calf. Here he says he goes for the roundness of the calf. He goes with 15-20 reps on this. Then he moves onto the calf extension, where he stresses strict form and no movement, allowing for isolated contractions with a nice slow and steady tempo.
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